Is Blogging Dangerous? (Be Careful!)

In all my years of blogging, one question that gets thrown about especially from newbies is whether blogging is dangerous or not.

Is blogging dangerous? No. Blogging can expose you to the world and caution should be taken when you put personal information on the internet. But as long as you are smart with how you protect yourself, blogging can be just as safe as tieing your shoes.

In this post, I will do my best to answer questions you may have of the blogging industry and show you that the most dangerous thing you can do is NOT start a blog.

What is Blogging? Is it a Dangerous Industry?

Blogging is when you write content, sometimes in a diary however in this case we are talking about online blogging which consists of you writing content on a website.

It’s simple to understand as you are just writing content, mainly about topics you’re interested in on your own website.

That’s right, you get to own your website and from there you can choose what direction to take in.

You can talk about anything from TV accessories to Baseball caps, that is what I like about blogging in that it gives you the ability to make money talking about anything.

If you take this site, for example, it is based on ‘making money online’ and as you can guess and tell I guide people on how to make money online.

This is one of my passions as helping people make money is something I enjoy, you can replicate that with any passion you may have.

Over the years blogging as proven to be one of the best ways to make a not just a side income but a full time online.

What should you not do in a blog and what are the Dangers?

One of the main reasons you clicked on this post was to find out the dangers of blogging and there are some that are worth mentioning.

Not Blogging

The first danger is not blogging regularly enough, believe it or not. If you start one and write nothing then you won’t make any money, it’s as simple as that, this stuff requires work.

So what you need to do is be as consistent as possible with it, if you can manage1 post a week try and do one every single week, if you can do 2 then do 2 a week then do that.

Consistency is key.

One of the algorithms Google uses is updated content”. Sites that follow this tend to be more favoured in the search rankings.

So if you post a few posts and go months without updating your site you won’t progress, this leads me on to the next point

Wasting Time

No one wants to waste time and that goes for blogging, when you initially start out you want results at a click of switch however that is hard to achieve.

When you run a business from the start it is going to feel like you are wasting time as you may not see results straight away, but at some point, things will come together as you continue working hard, it always does.

This is just normal just speak to anyone out there that has made a blog or even a business, they will tell you how they might not have seen any dollars for months. This is very common.

Now one danger I have experienced is wasting time and this is far from ideal, those times when I first started I might have played an extra game on the Xbox or watching an extra YouTube video, doing these things delayed my progress.

If you don’t put 100% into your blog, then it could take you a while to make money. This means all that procrastinating as wasting your time.

Doing Things Right…

This is one of the biggest points for me and can determine whether or not you succeed with a blog and that is whether you are doing things right.

Are you trying to skip hurdles?

Well, what I have found is if you rush the process for the sake of seeing results sooner this will again stop you from achieving results sooner.

An example of this is putting out blogs for the sake of it, for example, with one of the first blogs I made I would put out a lot of below par content. I thought as long as I was putting a lot of content out there that Google would give me love and send a lot of traffic my way.

It is a good strategy to focus on content production but if you do what I once did and that was writing what was ‘average’ content then you won’t succeed.

Remember this is a journey and that you have to take it one step at a time and every time you write a piece of content that it’s better than the last piece well that is the aim.

How Can You Get Involved Blogging?

Let’s go back a few years to back when I started blogging

This was a point where I kind of knew that blogs existed, however, had no clue how it worked.

One thing I knew was that whoever was running them was making money, it wasn’t until a few years after that I became more curious about it and wanted to understand it more.

As soon as I heard the possibilities that this opportunity offered I knew I had to get involved.

The good news is that getting involved in blogging is easier than ever, there are few things you will need

  1. A website
  2. Some decent hosting
  3. Training to teach you the ropes of blogging (Not a must, but beneficial)

So let’s start with the first one which is getting your own website. You can get a website from a site like Wordpress or Blogger, these are dirt cheap and only cost around $15 for your very own domain name, you will need to renew it each year to keep it. What people associate with making a business is massive start-up costs however that is no such thing for websites, which is why anyone even those limited on money can get involved.

Alternatively, instead of using those two sites, you can get 2 free websites from my recommended platform Wealthy Affiliate, now this platform covers each of the three things I mentioned above.

They give you free websites which are yours, host the sites for free (something you would have to pay separately for elsewhere) and give you the training required to make a successful online business.

As you can see it’s not a long process and getting set up is straightforward.

What should you blog about?

Like I mentioned you can blog about anything you like, however, there are a few things you need to know. This is my little checklist that I like to refer to when picking a niche to base a blog around.

  1. Pick something you are ‘genuinely’ interested in. This is important as if you go with something you only have half the passion for you will most likely get bored and lose motive to carry on building out.
  2. Next pick something you can write about, similar to the first point however here you need to think about whether you can write around 100 articles on that subject. How long it takes to succeed with a blog varies on a lot of things but one thing I have noticed that once you have reached that number you should start seeing some kind of traction. If you can’t see yourself writing that many articles within that niche then you should pick something else.
  3. The last one on the checklist is to choose something that can make you money. Sure, there are so many niches out there that you can take your site is any direction you want but you also need to at this point think about where the money will come from. Let’s say you have a huge interest in

Apart from that, you are completely in control and whatever you want to do you can do it and make it work.

What is traffic?

Now I can imagine you are still confused about blogging, like how does it work and how does the money come in.

Making content is only half the job and there are many other things you will need to do to make money online.

One of the first hurdles you will need to get over is ‘traffic’. This is people visiting your blog, there are many ways to get traffic.

You can get free traffic and you can get paid traffic, whichever one you choose to go with is up to you.

Paid traffic like it suggests will require money and can be costly especially if you are new to it and don’t know what you’re doing.

On the other hand, free traffic costs nothing and can be attained from social media, SEO and more.

Traffic is important as without it you won’t make any money blogging, think about it this way if you ran a shop for e.g. and no one came in then you would make no money as you have no potential customers. It’s kind of the same here. You can blog all you like but if no one steps foot on your site you will make zilch.

The good thing is that it’s not the hardest to get as once you understand how it works it becomes simple. My #1 recommended training covers all this and more, so if you want to know how to get traffic you should check that out.

Can I make money FAST from blogging?

This takes me to the next point and is one question I get asked all the time and that is when can I expect to make money.

People can be quite impatient with businesses in general however what you need to know is they take time, it’s like planting a seed you won’t see it grow for at least a few weeks and from there it will continue to sprout into a fully grown plant.

A business is an investment, you put your time and effort in; you work consistently and eventually something good will come out of it as it will start to expand.

If you’re looking for a number for when you can expect to start making money I would say 3-6 months to start generating a little income, however, don’t hold me to that as there are many factors that determine when you start seeing the $’s coming through

How do I get paid blogging?

So you understand that websites make money, but where is that money even coming from, like where is it generated from, funnily enough when I first started out this is one of the first questions I ever wondered.

I figured and from my own experiences from visiting blogs were that putting ads on a site would be sufficient to make a ton of money, I think that is how every beginner I have spoken to as initially thought, however, after time I learned there was a lot more to it and you can get paid in many ways such as:

  • Ads (Google Adsense, Mediavine, etc)
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Amazon
  • Sponsored posts
  • Creating a course
  • Offering your own services – such as writing content for others, designing websites, etc

There are many more which is why blogging is so good, you can have a website and do whatever you want with it while creating multiple income streams along the way.

Take a look at this site for e.g. on this page you will find a few ads, these make me money. You also have the affiliate programs that I work with, this is where you promote other company’s products and get paid for it, that is another income source.

Having multiple income sources when it comes to getting money blogging is important as it means you will always have one to rely on if one fails.

When I created my first blog, this was the mistake I made, I had one source and the company that I promoted started having issues which meant my money generated from the site went down a lot. If I had over one source, I would have been okay, it just makes it more stable when you have more.

Should you start blogging?

Blogging can be dangerous for those who don’t approach it in the right fashion, those people will most likely only waste there time and struggle.

It’s tough out and there and like starting any business there are no guarantees on whether you succeed however with that said I can say your chances are very high if you are willing to work hard and make a passive income online in the process.

Now if after reading this post you are interested in blogging well not only have you come to the right place but also the right person.

I have been making money online for years now and I have been able to make at least $3’500 a month from blogging on this site, this is all passive income. Now since I have been able to make it work myself, it only makes sense to return the favour so now I want to see other people like you succeed as well.

So whether you want to make a side income or quit your full-time job, I will help you achieve your financial goals.

So feel free to check out my #1 recommended training (Its Free!) this is also the exact training that helped me make money online.

As part of the deal, if you take action, I will also become your personal mentor someone you can rely on at any point if you need help and someone to guide you throughout your journey.

Chris Myles

After we found out we were having our first child, my wife quit her job and I had to come up with a way to make some extra money. So I learned internet marketing, and the rest is history. Join me on my journey and let me help you avoid all the mistakes I experienced.

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