Is Blogging Saturated? It’s Totally Not…

When I first started blogging, I asked a friend about the possibility of making money with a blog and he told me it was too saturated online.”

Now as a seasoned blogger, the question remains… Is blogging saturated? Not at all. Most blogs and content on the internet is poorly optimized and serves no purpose to help those looking for answers. Which means you and I can create blogs that answer questions better than the answers that are out there.

One thing I have learned online is that there is an ‘audience’ for anything, no matter what you write about there is someone actively searching for it.

So today in this article I will go over 5 reasons you should, in fact, ignore those people who say that blogging is too saturated as these facts prove it isn’t.

1) Amount Of People Still Earning Money Blogging Today?

It’s no secret that there are people earning online from blogging, this has been happening for years, well ever since the internet started.

The number of people has also been increasing rapidly as more people get access to devices such as a laptop. There are dozens making full-time incomes online and to think so many consider blogging ‘not a real job’.

For me, the fact that people are making money is proof that it is possible and was one of the factors why I got into it as I saw it was possible.

Now I know it’s extremely cliche but the saying anything is possible if you put your mind to it, well that remains the case here.

When I saw that people could make $100, $1000, or even $10,000+ a month it made me think to myself well how can make money online like them also

Well, the only thing separating the two is hard work, one of the biggest factors in whether you succeed or not.

Going back though and when you look at others earning there is just no reason you can’t replicate that success yourself.

Just look at this blog and while it has been online for a few years now, it isn’t that long. This website has been gaining traction for a while now and that is all down to hard work and dedication.

Now you may think its 2019 now and blogging has been around for years and that surely at some point blogging will disappear.

Well, you can be assured that it is here to stay as technology is growing and with internet users growing at a rapid rate there is no better place to make money than online.

This leads me onto reason number two…

2) 4 Billion People Searching The Internet…

Did you know that last year there were over 4 billion people searching the internet?

Some number right?

Well, that number is true, and it is also increasing each year, in fact, it has been rapidly increasing ever since 2010 where only 1 billion were searching the internet back at that time.

So what does this tell you? It tells you that there is more potential online than ever before and so many people you connect with.

So let’s say you start an online business and your goal was to get 30’000 visitors a month, now not only would reaching a goal like that be achievable but its also more than enough users to make a full-time income with.

Like I said there is so many people searching online that anyone saying that blogging is saturated, probably doesn’t understand the online business industry as much as they thought.

Using the above example an amount like that is only a tiny fraction of all those online which is easily attainable on your site.

As long as you’re passionate about the niche and can resonate with the reader then you are good to go.

3) Companies Turning To Online Blogs

Have you heard about ToysR’Us? Well, unless you live under a rock you will know how they have been forced into closure. The reason, well because they didn’t concentrate on their online presence and mainly relied on offline sales.

Companies like eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and so on are all thriving right now and this is because they have turned their attention to affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are made to help promote products, affiliates will promote a product from a site and in return make a commission if a sale is made. This not only benefits the people promoting them but the actual business themselves.

Now, apart from the fact that Toys’R’Us affiliate program sucks (let’s be honest with their 5-hour cookies!) they haven’t done too much wrong. Obviously, their company is built on being offline which is not ideal nowadays

For example, you have social media a place where not only can people share and talk with others but where also company’s can collaborate with influencers and advertise their products.

Businesses are turning to these kinds of platforms to expand their reach to new audiences. 

Instagram is a good example of this with over 1 billion users on the platform alone and the way it is run makes it a fantastic opportunity for online businesses to reach new audiences.

Now one of the most popular niches online is health and fitness and what I have seen a recurrence of who influencers who go to the gym who have over 100’000 followers advertising different energy drinks.

Now, this goes not only for social media but for everything online hence affiliate programs. In fact, you don’t even need a blog to promote products online.

To summarise this reason what I am trying to say here is that there is an audience for everyone with the billions of people looking on terms on Google each day so being able to attain just a handful of these people is not beyond you.

4) New Trends and Opportunities Pop Up Constantly

Do you frequently search the internet? Maybe watch YouTube? Well, whatever you are doing on the internet one thing you most likely have noticed is ‘trends’.

Trends happen anywhere and a lot, this is where something will rise in popularity and then dip again but these present good opportunities for blogging.

When something trends, you can create a niche on it which may be something that isn’t covered too much online. I am sure you remember the fidget spinner trend last year, well that went through the roof and people went crazy about such a simple little toy. 

I am sure before this blew up there weren’t too many blogs about these spinners so if you made a blog around them and promoting the toys you could have a profitable site. This is the beauty of blogging as opportunities arise all the time.

Some people like to argue that the Make Money Online (MMO)niche is saturated, this boggles me as every day new products, schemes, services, you name it are launched in this niche. This means you have never-ending opportunities and so many things that you can talk about.

Today, when I got up one of the first things I did, was check my emails this is where I get all the latest on product launches. 

Here I will see a list of everything new, some of which will be covered by other bloggers but not so that is why there is always room for new sites in any niche.

Do you think everything in the MMO is completely covered?

Of course not!

That means only one thing, and that is earning potential, it’s as simple as that, so you can see that any niche is doable.

5) Long Tail Keywords

Moving onto the next reason I believe blogging isn’t saturated, and that is the invention of long tail keywords.

If you are new to blogging, you might not know what these are so basically these are keywords that consist of more than 1 or 2 words.

It is well known that long tail keywords are the best ones to rank for especially if you are just starting out in blogging, this is because the competition is far smaller.

Let me give you an example, let’s take the word ‘blogging’ which is a very popular and competitive term to rank for.

There are so many sites trying to get on the first page that in order to beat them you are going to need a lot of authority something a new site won’t have.

So if we type in the term Blogging into a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. It comes up with a QSR of 217 and SEO rating of 65.

This means there is 217 sites competing for the word blogging, not ideal when you consider that there are only around 10 spots on the first page.

Now if we simplify that keyword further I have now found ‘make money blogging’ this a longer term keyword but again with 198 QSR is going to be tough to rank for.

If we add on a few words so we have a keyword for example like ‘Make Money Blogging At Home’. Well now, we’re getting there, its 5 words in total and the competition is far less, in fact, there are only 37 competing sites.

37 is still quite a fair number but you can still rank page 1 with nicely written SEO optimized post.

The point I am getting at here is that with long tail keywords it opens up doors to more opportunities. 

There are billions of these keywords out there, a lot of which aren’t being targeted mainly because companies tend to target the bigger 1 to 2 word keywords.

It baffles me how people can say blogging is saturated as there is always a market for something and keywords that aren’t being properly targeted.

So What Do I Do Now?… Well Just Go For It!

Like Shia LaBeouf says ‘Just Do It!’

Like I say so many people are scared to attempt online blogging mainly because they don’t believe in themselves. They think they’re not good enough and that they can’t make it work.

What I don’t get is why, I know it’s normal to fear failure however here you are just writing. This is a skill all of us can do, if we can talk about something we enjoy then you can also type it.

Well If I had that mentality I would achieve nothing heck I wouldn’t even be talking to you right now here as I wouldn’t be blogging. 

So concluding this post I will leave by saying you have to bite the bullet and just go for it. Literally, anyone can make it whether you are young or old as long as you have the drive to make it work you will do just fine.

It’s no secret that blogging is tough, it involves a lot of grinding and hard work which is why you will have to be consistent to make any money.

You can’t just make a site, write a few posts with some long tail keywords and expect a flood of traffic to come through overnight, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

With that said though, let’s say you started blogging and followed my guidance (I will talk about this in a second) then there is no reason why you can’t be making money in the next 3+ months.

What I am prepared to do is help you every step of the way be your 1 on 1 mentor. I will be showing you the same program I used to make a passive income online and will relay knowledge with you I have gained over that time to help you get results

If this interests you then check out my free training here (No Credit Card Required!) and I’ll be there to help you on your journey.

Chris Myles

After we found out we were having our first child, my wife quit her job and I had to come up with a way to make some extra money. So I learned internet marketing, and the rest is history. Join me on my journey and let me help you avoid all the mistakes I experienced.

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